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Obesity is a killer

Obesity is a killer
People who live with an obesity disorder, compared to those with a healthy body composition, are at increased risk for a litany of serious diseases and health conditions, including mental health.

Your own success in staving off excessive body fat build-up throughout your life, will likely have a significant impact on your quality of life, as you progress through life stages, ranging from your baseline ability to naturally fight sickness and disease to your ability to maintain a fit and active lifestyle in your senior years.

There are some basic guidelines anyone can follow to reduce the risk of obesity and included here are some of our recommendations. Please consult with your primary care physician before embarking upon any new exercise or diet plan.

Our first recommendation is to – as much as possible – limit your intake of processed sugar. Sweeteners such as sucrose and high fructose corn syrup are almost ubiquitous in off the shelf items today, including in items labelled as ‘low fat’, ‘diet’ or ‘sports’ drinks and foods. Always check the ingredients on everything you eat and - although it may be difficult to remove all processed sugar from your diet - in general, the less processed sugar that you consume, the better your health and fitness outcomes are likely to be.

It should not be a surprise to anyone that regular consumption of alcohol and regular smoking will have a detrimental effect on your ability to maintain peak fitness. We recommend limiting and if you possess the will-power, completely ending your consumption of alcohol and of smoking completely and it should go without saying that we would always recommend against taking any controlled substances not prescribed by your physician.

Being active outside and engaging in regular exercise are essential in our opinion. If you are currently not regularly exercising, then we strongly recommend consulting first with your physician and then pushing yourself into a cycle of regular exercise. Start simple and work your way into more challenging routines over time, if necessary. Get used to how your body responds to exercise and how that changes over time and pay attention to your well being. Always keep in mind that physical activity routines play a critical role in fitness and body fat management.