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Do I need to exercise?

Do I need to exercise?
Yes. You need to be engaging in regular exercise and you need to follow a healthy diet.

This is good advice at all stages of life and is particularly good advice if you are unsatisfied with your current body fat composition and if you have a goal to become more lean or more muscularly defined.

We do not make any claim that our products cure or treat any disease, nor do we claim RC Furnace is a solution to immediately build muscle and immediately drop large amounts of body fat. Our position is that there is no safe way to immediately make major changes to your body composition.

If you are making good health decisions such as limiting processed sugar intake, limiting alcohol consumption, avoiding smoking, avoiding non-prescribed drugs, getting quality sleep, eating healthily and exercising regularly and cultivating healthy relationships, then you are already directionally positioned for success with your fitness goals.

If you are not currently exercising regularly and you are medically capable of doing so, our position is that you should get moving. Go to the gym, swim, get outside and walk, perform some stretches in your living room, anything, but get moving and get moving regularly. Put yourself on a path to regularly performing some resistance training and some aerobic activity and do your best to maintain a healthy diet. Your future self will thank you.

It is our position that the decision to add supplements to your diet should be done with a specific goal in mind, after a discussion with your primary case physician and after taking the time to be honest with yourself about what you will need to do to meet your goal, then executing.